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Curriculum Overview


At Millbrook Primary School, our school ethos is one of striving to be the best we can be, recognising that we all have different strengths and interests.


Our school curriculum helps pupils to:


  • Develop lively and enquiring minds so that they can come to appreciate that education is a life long process
  • Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a fast changing world
  • Develop qualities of independence, self-motivation and self-confidence
  • Work co-operatively with each other

Millbrook Primary School has adopted the International Primary Curriculum to help our pupils appreciate their place in the world. Our children study a range of cross-curricular topics, each of which contains an international dimension. Through this, we hope that our children begin to appreciate the values of tolerance, empathy, friendship and co-operation. as they discover the similarities and differences between the peoples of the world. As a vibrant multi-cultural school, we have a large number of nationalities and languages represented, and this is a major driver for our choice of curriculum. The 2014 National Curriculum is covered through the chosen topics.


You can read our Curriculum Policy below.


Building Learning Power

Building Learning Power (BLP) is an approach to learning that we have begun to implement at Millbrook Primary School. This approach was created by Professor Guy Claxton. It is based on the idea that we are all capable of becoming better learners. BLP applies this idea directly to the work of teachers in the classrooms, to provide a practical framework for fostering lifelong learning in all young people.

You can read our 'Parents' Guide to BLP below.