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What goes on in nursery?

One of the main areas that staff focus on is developing the children’s confidence in social skills. There are lots of collaborative activities so children experience taking turns and sharing. This definitely helps children prepare for the transfer to the Reception class at school.


Another main area of focus is the development of early language and reading skills. We follow the Read, Write Inc. scheme in school to teach early reading skills including phonics (the sounds that letters make). Nursery prepares the children for this by sharing lots of books so children learn how they work. Children also begin to experience the sounds letters make in a fun and interactive way. This prepares children well for the next stage of their education. Millbrook children achieve scores well above national averages when they take the phonic screen check at the end of Year 1. Nursery provides an excellent foundation for that success.


Our aim is for all children to ‘find their feet’ and enjoy the new experiences in nursery. It is a time for fun, play, activities and learning. The experiences provided in nursery will not only prepare children for their future in school, but also remain with them as joyful and happy memories.


For further information please open the Nursery Prospectus.