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Learning with STFC


Shrewsbury Town Football Club( STFC) have been working with Millbrook Teachers to continue to provide lessons into your home, please take part in one of the lessons below by clicking on the link;


Lesson 16 -

Mrs Vaughan and it’s a sports day lesson


Lesson 15 –

Mr Bott and Mrs Vaughan dribbling skills 


Lesson 14 -

with Miss Vaughan 


Lesson 13 -

PE co-ordination with Mr Bott and Mrs Vaughan


Lesson 12 -

 KS2 numeracy with Mrs Vaughan, Mr Bott and Miss Baily


Lesson 11 - hhtps://

KS2 Numeracy with Mrs Vaughan, Mr Bott and Miss Baily

 Lesson 10 -

KS1 factors with Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Ridgeway


Lesson 9 –

PE target throwing with Mr Bott and Mrs Vaughan


Lesson 8 -

Mrs Kimber and Mrs Baily


Lesson 7 -

PE maths with Miss Baily and Mrs Kimber


Lesson 6 -

KS2 Numeracy with Mr Johnson, Miss Ruscoe and Miss Baily. 


Lesson 5 -

PE Jumping with Mr Millett and Mrs Kimber


Lesson 4 -

KS1 Numeracy with Miss Hill, Miss Carter and Miss Baily


Lesson 3 -

PE throwing with Mr Westwood and Mr Millett


Lesson 2 -   

PE Agility with Mr Johnson, Mr Savage, Miss Ruscoe and Miss Anderson


Lesson 1 -

PE with Mr Johnson 


You can also check out Shrewsbury Town in the Community YouTube page -

Please see the link for the Shrews@home page where various activities are being put together for participants to take part in, you can also find out more information and sign up to get regular updates regarding activities.

The activities are not only just sport or football they also include maths, literacy, modern foreign languages, gardening skills, social action and much more.